Legislator Business & Jobs Report Card

An "A" in 2017
The following legislators received an A for their strong business support during the 2017 legislative session.
2017 Business Champions- Senate
Kevin Blackwell, Jenifer B. Branning, Nickey Browning, Terry C. Burton, Videt Carmichael, Chris Caughman, Lydia Graves Chassaniol, Eugene S. Clarke, Bob M. Dearing, Sally Doty, Joey Fillingane, Josh Harkins, W. Briggs Hopson, III, Billy Hudson, Gary Jackson, Dean Kirby, Chris Massey, J. Walter Michel, Philip Moran, David Parker, Rita Potts Parks, John A. Polk, Sean J. Tindell, Gray Tollison, Brice Wiggins, J. P. Wilemon, Charles Younger
2017 Business Champions- House of Representatives
Shane Aguirre, Mark Baker, Manly Barton, Charles Jim Beckett, Richard Bennett, C. Scott Bounds, Randy P. Boyd, Chris Brown, Charles Busby, Larry Byrd, Lester Carpenter, John Glen Corley, Carolyn Crawford, Scott DeLano, Bill Denny, Mark Formby, Jeffrey S. Guice, Philip Gunn, Greg Haney, Mac Huddleston, Vince Mangold, Doug McLeod, Nolan Mettetal, Sam C. Mims, Alex Monsour, Ken Morgan, Karl Oliver, Bill Pigott, Brent Powell, John Read, Rob Roberson, Ray Rogers, Jeffrey C. Smith, Greg Snowden, Brad Touchstone, Jerry R. Turner, Tom Weathersby, Jason White, Patricia H. Willis, Cory Wilson, Henry Zuber III
How to use the BIPEC Legislative Jobs Report Card?
In 1980, BIPEC was founded by Mississippi’s buiness and professional leaders to supply needed political research information. Founders wanted credible information to identify legislative candidates who understood needs and concerns of employers…these employers are the people who take risks to create jobs, stimulate our economy and give back to communities! Use this guide to determine and assess your legislator’s support of the employers who provide the jobs our state needs to thrive. Our objective is to assist with the constituent/voters quest for legislative accountability and transparency.

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