In 1980, the Business and Industry Political Education Committee (BIPEC) was founded by Mississippi business and professional leaders to supply needed political research information. Founders wanted credible information to identify candidates who understood needs and concerns of employers…the people who take risks to create jobs, stimulate our economy and give back to communities.

Initial focus was on incumbent legislators and those seeking legislative seats. In 1994, the scope expanded to include incumbents seated on the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals and those seeking these seats. BIPEC's work does not go beyond these areas.

BIPEC is a non-profit (501 (c) (6)) membership organization that represents broad-based business and professional interests having operations and marketing interests in Mississippi. We are not tied to any single private sector segment.

BIPEC is not connected to any political party; it does not lobby issues and is not a political action committee. This enables BIPEC to freely research and recommend individuals likely to promote economic growth and make agenda-free judicial decisions without worrying about party politics or lobbying for particular issues.

The statewide membership of BIPEC includes individuals, hundreds of Mississippi companies and professional firms and over 35 trade associations. It's BIPEC's research, knowledge and educational work that enable a variety of employer and professional interests to unite at election time.

A significant element of BIPEC's tool chest is the routine evaluation and grading of legislators, Supreme Court justices and Court of Appeals judges.


BIPEC is a nonprofit association comprised of individuals, trade associations and companies who unite to protect and advance free enterprise through research, education, and member action. The purposes of BIPEC are:

  • To learn backgrounds, voting records and key positions of members and candidates for the Mississippi Legislature, Supreme Court and Court of Appeals. And to disseminate credible research findings to BIPEC members;
  • To educate BIPEC's membership network on the impact that legislator and judge-made decisions have on Mississippi's economic growth, business attractiveness and general prosperity of the State's employers;
  • To expand distribution of educational research data to the public arena when deemed appropriate for greater awareness of membership concerns and issues.